The “Neve Avraham Child Development Center” is a non-profit organization in Kiryat Arba-Hebron that was established in 1989. Neve Avraham’s goal is to provide professional treatment that gives each and every child the opportunity to make the most of his or her abilities, no matter what challenges they must overcome.

Neve Avraham provides speech and occupational therapy, emotional therapies such as art, drama, movement, and animal-assisted therapy. “Neve Avraham” offers continuous activities throughout the year; “The Fit Parents Club” offers lectures and workshops that help maintain parenting skills for new and veteran parents, “Language Enrichment” meeting sessions for new immigrant families – provides language skills to olim children with their parents through special activities, and “Play Time” – guided play for parent and kid in order deepen their bond by shared quality playtime in our playroom.


Chaviva, founder of Neve Avraham and director for 26 years, believes that: “Every Child is a Success Story!” She believes that given the appropriate therapeutic treatments, special needs children can thrive, grow, and learn, and many of them can be integrated into regular classrooms. In its 28 years of existence Neve Avraham has served thousands of children in Kiryat Arba and the surrounding area. Children with developmental delays, learning disabilities, autism, Down syndrome, and other emotional or behavioral difficulties. 

Moshe and Chaviva Tzahor were among the early residents of Kiryat Arba which is located on the outskirts of Hebron in the Judean hills, about 19 miles south of Jerusalem. Over forty years ago, they adopted their special daughter Liat, a blind baby with brain damage who needed a home. Although Chaviva was pregnant with their eighth child at the time, the couple took her home and surrounded her with love, care, and devotion. As Liat’s disabilities became clear, Chaviva made endless trips back and forth to Jerusalem to find the best possible treatments for her. Experiencing the difficulties of traveling to Jerusalem for treatments in a challenging security situation or harsh winter weather, she and Moshe decided to establish their own treatment center so that other families with special needs children could receive treatments close to home.​

At Neve Avraham the emphasis is on treatments in a pleasant and professional atmosphere and maintaining a warm and person relationship with the children and their families. The therapist stays in ongoing contact with the parents who often participate in the therapy itself and with the educational staff in the educational institutions where the children study. The purpose for this is to integrate the child’s treatment into day-to-day life and facilitate its success. In the center there is also a social worker who works with the families and provides support, direction, and parenting guidance.

Neve Avraham is recognized and approved by the Ministry of Health. The children treated at the center are either referred for evaluations and treatments through their health funds or the parents contact the center privately.

Neve Avraham continues to look towards the future and plans to further expand its activities for the benefit of the children and parents of Kiryat Arba and the region. A variety of new programs are being developed that will provide the children with additional tools and new strengths as they grow.

Avigail: A Neve Avraham Success Story

Avigail came to Neve Avraham at the age of two-and-a-half and was speaking only in gibberish – a disorganized made-up language that could not be understood by anyone around her. She had missed many days in her pre-school program because of hospitalizations which had made it difficult for her to acquire language. She was referred to an early-childhood special education program but her parents chose to integrate her into a regular program with appropriate therapeutic treatments at the same time. She received treatment for a long time and little by little was able to develop the ability to speak and understand the Hebrew language. At the age of five her regular treatments were terminated. A few years later her therapist just happened to see Avigail at a school event and was surprised and thrilled to see her on the stage, reading a long piece aloud in front of an audience.


Noa came to Neve Avraham for treatment at the age of two years and eight months with only non-verbal communication abilities. It was clear that she was an intelligent girl with a serious language delay. Because of her cognitive ability and motivation Noa was able to undertake the process of acquiring language and made real progress in each session. In her first year of pre-kindergarten, motor skill difficulties were also identified and Noa began occupational therapy with intermittent supportive speech therapy sessions. As she had a number of developmental challenges the possibility came up of putting her into a special kindergarten, but her parents decided to invest further efforts to strengthen her with therapy so that she could enter a regular class. Noa was anxious about activities in open space, especially climbing high and being off the ground, and her difficulties with fine motor skills were expressed in using scissors and holding a pencil. For the three years until she started school an occupational therapist worked with her to strengthen her physically so that she could sit straight beside a table and work well with fine motor skills. The work with Noa was accompanied by daily homework that her parents did with her at home. When the girl finished therapy before first grade she could write all the letters and numbers in a straight line in her notebook and was considered advanced when she began first grade in a regular class.

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